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I'm coming back to Japan in November!

If anyone wants to meet up, I'll be in Saitama & Tokyo for ~2 weeks.

This Pixel 3 phone review is great.

"I don’t recall exactly when my phone became such a festival of stress and psychological trauma, but here we are."

The problem with the bell curve is that there are so many people who are fucking average.

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Phew, I thought these fell through the cracks after the server move.

Ringtones and notifications from arcade and other video games! From short sounds to longer tunes.

Download and enjoy that tingling feeling of copyright infringement. ^_^

I enjoy talking about the things I believe, and I enjoy answering questions. It's a form of self-calibration.

Before speaking, I have to make the chaos in my mind cohere, and by speaking I am able to review my thoughts, and change my thinking where required.

I'm NFG, AMA. ^_^

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Going very experimental with a very excellent model last night. She stepped way outside her comfort zone for this, and I managed not to let her down with my untested lighting setup.

This is Amanda.

Richard Morgan is my favourite author, because he puts into words the things that rage unspoken within me.

"“If they asked how I died tell them: Still angry.”

"The way I see it, anyone who is proud of their country is either a thug or just hasn't read enough history yet."

--Richard Morgan, from the novel 'Thirteen'

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Looking refs for creating explosions in #PixelFXdesigner found this thing, maybe can be useful for somebody. #mastoart

My guide to running multiple Mastodon installations from a single server/directory has been updated!

Turns out the normal update instructions break down if you have different DB names for each instance. 👍

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The question "is it art" is bullshit. It's a clickbait awful question designed to incite the audience and generate some traffic.

Art is in everything we create, from breakfast to a sledge hammer to the the cooling fins on your computer's heatsink.

Art is everywhere, everything is art.

There's always someone, somewhere, who agonized over a creative decision, and someone else who has a strong opinion about the result.

We are humans. We make art.

Because my life is basically too easy, my main server melted down during a normal update process. Flat out refused to boots. Experts consulted were at a loss, and I had to reinstall the entire fucking thing.

Computers, yay.

Technically, the minor OS update completely fried the boot process. Grub appeared, showed the contents of the boot drive, but then claimed all that stuff was outside the drive, and fuck you.

Anyway, the backups were fresh, so a day later, all good.


One of my very first posts on Mastodon was about cultural appropriation. Specifically, I argued (and continue to) that it's not a thing. Or, if it is, we should stop policing it.

There are so many things wrong with the idea of shaming people for borrowing from other cultures.

We can't demand someone remain unchanged by things they like, or experience, or find beautiful. It's madness to demand they have authorization, as if there's a licensing office for beauty.

500 chars isn't enough!

So I keep coming back to this game because it plays brilliantly. So many little touches make it flow without the backtracking and busywork that saddles the player with drudgery in so many games.

The biggest example: there's a heap of teleporters, conveniently located near path branches, so when you want to backtrack, you're always near one, and there's always one where you want to go.

And look at it!

I bought eight games during the last Steam sale.

The only one I play is Dead Cells, and when I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about it. It's great.

Every single part of the game has been tuned to minimize player drudgery, resulting in a game that feels fast and full-on all the time. It's basically magic.

And look at it! Wow!

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Heat makes people commit suicide more often.

At least they're gonna die smart. Anyone alive in the year 2100 is going to be 20% dumber than today, because of rising CO2 in the atmosphere.

"On average, a 400-ppm increase in CO2 was associated with a 21% decrease in a typical participant’s cognitive scores..."

Hahaha we're fucked. But keep burning coal and fossil fuels, who cares?

I just bought this, the soundtrack to SNES Top Gear, and the more recent racer Horizon Chase:

The latter is a really brilliant bit of music, especially in-game.

Maybe check it out, maybe support an artist. ^_^

Plenty of despair to go around this morning. =(

Follow @despair and get rid of that happy feeling!

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