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Lot of people cheerfully revealing how Spotify tracks their music by talking about their most-listened music in 2018, but I'm not down with that.

Instead, here's my favourite album of the year based on the fact that it's the only CD I bought this year and it's a thunderously great bit of music that's on every minidisc πŸ’½ I recorded since it came out.

Heavy metal with an opera singer frontman? Fuck. Yes.

There's a certain kind of music that checks all my important boxes:

βœ… Heavy
βœ… Fast
βœ… Anthemic
βœ… Fun
❌ Sucks

This song, by Beast in Black, is awesome.

Just hanging out on the back steps with a friend. 😊 🐦

Series of apartment building flick past the train window. They're all numbered in a large complex. 5-12, 5-13, 5-14, a gap, 5-16, 5-17...

Hang on.

What happened to 5-15? πŸ€”

I visited my favourite ramen shop in Akihabara today and the staff remembered me, 14 years after I moved to Australia, and they remembered my order too.

The feels. 😊

Upgrading Mastodon is fraught with pitfalls, but the lasted update seems to have gone well.

So have the last three or four, I think, and yet I'm still filled with dread every time.

I love Mastodon but this is one of the top five worst software applications I've ever used, as an admin.

Out of context snippet from a chat today:

NFG says "It's like clarifying that i'm not really gonna trebuchet a moose into the sun. Like, you didn't think I would! But the over-specific clarifications about the moose' gender and weight suggest a certain unexpected reality. It makes me giggle."

We travelled to Uluru this week and it was incredible. What I thought was a big rock in the outback was staggeringly huge, but still human scale.

It wasn't so incomprehensively enormous as a mountain, nor as easily graspable as a boulder, but...

It was huge, really shockingly large. The walking track around it is 10km long! But every single step reveals a new feature or aspect.

I totally get why the natives were so impressed with it.

What a beautiful place.

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I'm coming back to Japan in November!

If anyone wants to meet up, I'll be in Saitama & Tokyo for ~2 weeks.

This Pixel 3 phone review is great.

"I don’t recall exactly when my phone became such a festival of stress and psychological trauma, but here we are."

The problem with the bell curve is that there are so many people who are fucking average.

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Phew, I thought these fell through the cracks after the server move.

Ringtones and notifications from arcade and other video games! From short sounds to longer tunes.

Download and enjoy that tingling feeling of copyright infringement. ^_^

I enjoy talking about the things I believe, and I enjoy answering questions. It's a form of self-calibration.

Before speaking, I have to make the chaos in my mind cohere, and by speaking I am able to review my thoughts, and change my thinking where required.

I'm NFG, AMA. ^_^

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Going very experimental with a very excellent model last night. She stepped way outside her comfort zone for this, and I managed not to let her down with my untested lighting setup.

This is Amanda.

Richard Morgan is my favourite author, because he puts into words the things that rage unspoken within me.

"β€œIf they asked how I died tell them: Still angry.”

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