Lot of people cheerfully revealing how Spotify tracks their music by talking about their most-listened music in 2018, but I'm not down with that.

Instead, here's my favourite album of the year based on the fact that it's the only CD I bought this year and it's a thunderously great bit of music that's on every minidisc πŸ’½ I recorded since it came out.

Heavy metal with an opera singer frontman? Fuck. Yes.



Just hanging out on the back steps with a friend. 😊 🐦

I visited my favourite ramen shop in Akihabara today and the staff remembered me, 14 years after I moved to Australia, and they remembered my order too.

The feels. 😊

"The way I see it, anyone who is proud of their country is either a thug or just hasn't read enough history yet."

--Richard Morgan, from the novel 'Thirteen'

So I keep coming back to this game because it plays brilliantly. So many little touches make it flow without the backtracking and busywork that saddles the player with drudgery in so many games.

The biggest example: there's a heap of teleporters, conveniently located near path branches, so when you want to backtrack, you're always near one, and there's always one where you want to go.

And look at it!

I bought eight games during the last Steam sale.

The only one I play is Dead Cells, and when I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about it. It's great.

Every single part of the game has been tuned to minimize player drudgery, resulting in a game that feels fast and full-on all the time. It's basically magic.

And look at it! Wow!

The Akira movie was released in Japan 30 years ago today.

I drove five hours, to a tiny art theatre in Spokane, Washington, to see this when it came out.

Customs in Canada was unimpressed with my story when I returned home. "You drove to Spokane."


"To see a movie."


"... Get out of the car."


For my money, the manga was much better, but the movie was impressive as fuck.

So, um... Dead Cells is unbelievably gorgeous.


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