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Lot of people cheerfully revealing how Spotify tracks their music by talking about their most-listened music in 2018, but I'm not down with that.

Instead, here's my favourite album of the year based on the fact that it's the only CD I bought this year and it's a thunderously great bit of music that's on every minidisc πŸ’½ I recorded since it came out.

Heavy metal with an opera singer frontman? Fuck. Yes.

There's a certain kind of music that checks all my important boxes:

βœ… Heavy
βœ… Fast
βœ… Anthemic
βœ… Fun
❌ Sucks

This song, by Beast in Black, is awesome.


I quite liked the Slim Pickens song too.

Offspring has always been like this for me (and not unlike basically all bands ever) - an album of mediocre stuff with 2 or 3 awesome tracks.

I like these guys because their songs have such mutually distinct styles but are still energetic and very much The Offspring.

Just hanging out on the back steps with a friend. 😊 🐦

Series of apartment building flick past the train window. They're all numbered in a large complex. 5-12, 5-13, 5-14, a gap, 5-16, 5-17...

Hang on.

What happened to 5-15? πŸ€”

I visited my favourite ramen shop in Akihabara today and the staff remembered me, 14 years after I moved to Australia, and they remembered my order too.

The feels. 😊

Upgrading Mastodon is fraught with pitfalls, but the lasted update seems to have gone well.

So have the last three or four, I think, and yet I'm still filled with dread every time.

I love Mastodon but this is one of the top five worst software applications I've ever used, as an admin.


There's a bunch of those cropping up. I've blocked 4 in the last 24 hours.

And 2 from last week that might have been similar no longer resolve.

Weird times in the decentralized internet.

@theoutrider I added them to my block list imeediately, seemed dodgy.

Did I miss something?

Out of context snippet from a chat today:

NFG says "It's like clarifying that i'm not really gonna trebuchet a moose into the sun. Like, you didn't think I would! But the over-specific clarifications about the moose' gender and weight suggest a certain unexpected reality. It makes me giggle."

@jdormit @patrickloonstra @dansup

This was difficult for my Mastodon users. 'federated' was weird, 'fediverse' sounds like a comic book term. I had the same issue explaining rss.

AP is fine, IMO. But it's new, it needs a super simple, short explanation to make it mean something.

When I told my users it worked like email, (at user, at place) and was a way to subscribe and follow people from anywhere, they got it instantly

We travelled to Uluru this week and it was incredible. What I thought was a big rock in the outback was staggeringly huge, but still human scale.

It wasn't so incomprehensively enormous as a mountain, nor as easily graspable as a boulder, but...

It was huge, really shockingly large. The walking track around it is 10km long! But every single step reveals a new feature or aspect.

I totally get why the natives were so impressed with it.

What a beautiful place.

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I'm coming back to Japan in November!

If anyone wants to meet up, I'll be in Saitama & Tokyo for ~2 weeks.


Battle Beast did a cover of Resurrection by Erection, which is doubly enjoyable when sung by a woman. =D

(Also check out the Amaranthe cover of Army of the Night. It's fucking amazing).


The last one is really recent, like six weeks?

Demon's Are a Girl's Best Friend was the first track of theirs I ever heard. At the one minute three second mark I got goosebumps. =D


Haha, right? It's the summary of our era, and it's got a good camera! =D

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