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This is Jorja! She's an awesome person who works hard and kicks ass.

There's more, especially if you're a Patreon supporter. Be warned though, a very definite lack of clothing at this link:

#poledancer #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #photography

It was a bit foggy the night I arrived in Japan. This is Narita station and a nearby hotel.


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I'm coming back to Japan in November!

If anyone wants to meet up, I'll be in Saitama & Tokyo for ~2 weeks.

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The very best thing about my job is photographing the strongest, hardest working bodies.

This is Melanie, for my Pantheon Project. Read more about it here:

Haha, dang. I just shut down my old NFG account, and rather than pointing it to the new @NFG, I pointed it to this account.

So... That's cool, I mean I'm the same guy. But you know, oops.

This is Amanda, from the front and the back.

I love the strong bodies I get to work with.

Amanda's a really neat girl who's been pushing boundaries with me. When we first shot together, neither of us imagined we'd end up here.

She's an aerialist, and normally she's climbing and hanging from those strips of cloth. ^_^

I've just launched the homepage for my Pantheon Project. Please check it out if you're into strong bodies!

This is Hannah!

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Going very experimental with a very excellent model last night. She stepped way outside her comfort zone for this, and I managed not to let her down with my untested lighting setup.

This is Amanda.

An aerialist I work with sometimes was asking about a shoot I did recently, for a clothing line. She was surprised that girls who can poledance for a shoot have trouble doing regular model things. Here's how I explained the difference:

When you're doing the athletics, you're confident, you're doing things you know about, you are busy with technique and detail.

When you model, your arms are superfluous and flail about and OMG what is with your FACE

They are definitely not the same.


Patreon just decided that my account should be marked as Adult Content.

Hmm... I guess I've been leaning that way for a while. Can't really contest it.

Fine. In celebration, here's Lauren!

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